Sunday, January 5, 2014

Button Up Your Heart!

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It is cold outside. Really, really cold. What better way to warm up than crafting a button heart? Tutorial after the jump!

I finally broke down and put away the Christmas decorations. The tree, too, because this probably isn't an acceptable alternative:

The good thing about putting Christmas decorations away? The feeling of accomplishment! The bad side? You suddenly realize the house looks naked and sad.

Luckily, you are crafty and can make your own decor!

You will need:

(1) Frame (smaller than 12" x 12")
12" x 12" Black textured cardstock
Staple gun
Scrap paper
Glue gun
Lots and lots (and I do mean lots) of whitish buttons. They don't need to be the same size or shade of white--different sizes and shades will give your heart greater complexity.

1. Find a frame. Take out the current contents (including the glass).

1(a). Make a new insert out of black textured cardstock.

2. My frame didn't have any backing so I used a staple gun to attach the paper to the frame. Skip this step if your frame still has its backing.

3. Use scratch paper to cut out a heart. Trace the heart onto the black cardstock.

4, 5 and 6. Using the pencil line as a guide, start gluing buttons in place. First fill in the outline, then the center.

7. Finish the first layer. If you have enough buttons, glue in a second layer to cover the spaces between the buttons.

8 and 9. It'll end up looking something like this - but yours will turn out even better!

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  1. This is really cute - thanks for showing how easy it is to do.... Cathy

  2. Thanks Cathy! Your hot-pink wreath is adorable :-).

  3. Simple and cute--the white buttons really stand out! Thanks for linking up!

  4. I loved this project and featured it on my Friday Finds today!

  5. great project for Valentine's Day. I'll have to start saving my buttons.

  6. What a fab idea! looks so effective on the black background.


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